CI Quality Online Learning & Teaching (QOLT)

The Quality Online Learning & Teaching (QOLT) Rubric outlines 9 sections of criteria in fostering best practices for online courses:

  1. Course Overview and Introduction
  2. Assessment and Evaluation of Student Learning
  3. Instructional Materials and Resources Utilized
  4. Student Interaction and Community
  5. Facilitation and Instruction
  6. Technology for Teaching and Learning
  7. Learner Support and Resources
  8. Accessibility and Universal Design for Learning
  9. Course Summary and Wrap Up

Section 6:  Technology for Teaching and Learning 

To demonstrate technology for teaching and learning, a learning module was developed for nursing students in NRS 452/453 Community Health Nursing.  The online learning module also provides access to students not currently enrolled in NRS 452/453 yet eligible based on skill level.   The learning module, IVIE: Influenza Vaccine Immunization Education, is created in CIKeys using WordPress, which supports the use of diverse technology and the ability to deliver and engage in various types of interactions: individual; between students; and instructor with student.  The integration of QOLT Section 6 in the IVIE learning module is demonstrated using the five objectives of QOLT Section 6.

Objective 6.1:  Tools and media support the course learning objectives/outcomes.

QOLT Objective 6.1 video looks at the tools and media used in CIKeys and WordPress in designing a module to meet the learning objectives for the IVIE module.


Objective 6.2:  Instructor takes advantage of current tools provided by the Learning Management System (or similar) to enhance learning; and,

Objective 6.3:  Technological tools and resources enable student engagement and active learning.

QOLT Objectives 6.2 & 6.3 video discusses the specific tools and resources within the IVIE module that are used to engage students in active learning.  A demonstration of Animoto, Wp-Pro Quiz, Camtasia, and a Blog shows how diverse technological tools can enable student engagement and active learning.

Objective 6.4:  Instructor provides clear information regarding access to the technology and related resources required in the course; and,

Objective 6.5:  Acceptable technological formats for assignment completion and submissions are articulated.

QOLT Objectives 6.4 & 6.5 are articulated through course syllabus technology and assignment descriptions.

For additional detail, visit IVIE: Influenza Vaccine Immunization Education